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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a healing ceremony for a way of calling ourselves back home and welcoming the light back to the whole authentic self. Soul loss occurs when a part of us separates from our essential self, in psychologically we might call this disassociation, or medically this could look like shock. This is usually a coping response to a trauma, be it an accident, injury, abusive situation, war, the loss of a loved one, or a situation in which we cannot fully be ourselves. When we are traumatized it is too painful, or perhaps it is safer, for us not to be fully present and aware of the pain inflicted so a part of our soul leaves to wait in “non-ordinary reality” and often times does not come back on its own. A soul retrieval can help the lost parts or essences of our wholeness return and be integrated back into our lives. This is done through a journey that the practitioner takes on your behalf.  (Taken from the Sundust Oracle Institute’s “The Essentials of the Soul Retrieval Process)  Please call me to discuss more about this healing ceremony if you are called to receiving a soul retrieval. I’d be wholly honored and grateful to assist in this healing with you.  – Megan Sewell,  425.367.3220