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Shamanic Healing Medicine

Remote Sessions Now Available!

My training over the last 8 years with Char Sundust at the Sundust Oracle Institute in Seattle, Washington has been incredibly healing and inspirational to my life.  In the last decade my learnings guided me to ask the question “what does it mean to heal, to be whole, and to be truly happy?”   I have found so much grace and aliveness in these healing ceremonies, in the beat of the drum, the sound of the rattle, and in the shamanic state of consciousness we enter when we “journey”.  There is so much help and information in this other reality, in the psycho-mythology of each of us.  I am empowered by this work and my only intention is to empower others with it as well.  I offer a few different kinds of sessions, so if you feel called, please read over the different offerings and see which would be appropriate for you at this time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.  425-367-3220  Photo Credit: Eric Drake

Remote Sessions are an easy way for people to schedule since it does not require leaving the comfort of your own home.  Energy healings do not rely on close physical distance to be effective and some say being at home is far more comfortable to find a restful place where you don’t have to leave an office when the session is over. We simply choose a time to talk on the phone, do a short intake on what you need for the day, and we hang up and begin the work.  Your job is to be present to your experience and allow the energy to move how it’s going to move. People find these sessions to be very powerful.  Then when we are finished I call you back so you know the work is done and we may talk a short bit or hang up and allow the session to integrate as you continue meditating or resting. I offer shamanic sessions and remote acupuncture sessions distally.