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Service Options

  • New Patients: I am excited to meet you! Your entire appointment will be 90 minutes.  Once your online appointment registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email and I will soon send your New Patient Forms to the email you provide.  Please fill out the forms entirely before your appointment.  The first visit is always longer so I can properly get to know you, get your comprehensive medical history, and get clear on the Chinese Medical Diagnosis in order to give you the best treatment and plan your follow up visits!  You will receive a treatment on your first visit.
  • Return Visit: I’d love to have you back! Your return visit is always one hour.  This one is very easy to schedule online, follow the prompts and you’re done!  You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Facial Acupuncture: This appointment may only be booked by folks who have had a New Patient Appointment and have been educated about the benefits and glory of Facial Acupuncture.  These treatments are WONDERFUL and I cannot stress how lovely they are to receive. I simply have to prepare a little more for your facial treatment, and I set aside 75 minutes dedicated just for you.  Note, I do not bill insurance for Facial Acupuncture.  See my prices to get a feel for the plan.  Ps. You should do it!
  • Cupping Only: This appointment may only be booked by folks who have had a New Patient Appointment and who want to simply come in for 30 minutes to receive cupping.  I do not bill insurance for this and my promotional cost is $35*.  That’s a steal!   *For a limited time
  • CranioSacral Therapy: Gentle and light touch therapy, working with the facial planes, connective tissue, joint articulation and cerebrospinal fluid to aid the body in healing, pain relief, and tension reduction. 60 minutes appointment. Please schedule as a return patient if I have seen you before, new if not.
  • Free Consultation: Easy.  Free.  Let’s chat about what you need and how I can help. 15 minutes, call my cell directly.