Contact: (425) 367-3220


New Patient Visit: $110

Return Patient Visit: $70

Massage or Cupping Added to a visit: $30

Cupping Only: $35 for a limited time!  Promotional Spring Discount!

CranioSacral Therapy: $70

Cosmetic Acupuncture – Facial Rejuvenation: 10 Treatments Minimum for Optimal Results

  • $380 includes an initial interview and covers the first 4 treatments.
  • Two Installments of $270 for additional 6 treatments.  
  • Pay in FULL from the get-go: $850 for 10 treatments and 15% off any additional cosmetic treatments within 8 weeks.

I am contracted with Regence, Premera, Lifewise, Aetna, Cigna (Healthways), and United Health. Group Health patients I will bill out of network. First Choice holders will get a superbill for the visit.  Using your HSA account? No Problem!  Please see my Forms page to download the Insurance Benefits Verification if using your insurance benefits.

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