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Megan Elaine Sewell, LAc., EAMP

A little about me… Originally from Idaho, I moved to Northwest Washington after a couple years in college in Missoula, MT in pursuit of a path I had no idea I would find.  In Bellingham, WA I met many teachers and friends in that time that expanded my mind and opened many avenues of spirituality and self discovery. I began a yoga and meditation practice, and was divinely invited to travel India with a friend and her mother, in which I wound up staying 6 months!  That adventure broadened my perspective of another culture and it’s medicine practices, and ignited my interest and passion in meditation, yoga, and the healing arts. The trip came to an end with a 10 day silent Vipassana Meditation retreat in Dharamsala, Northern India.  I discovered my life’s path of healing during that time and I knew my next step was to return to school for proper training in the healing arts. Upon arrival back to the States I enrolled in Bastyr University, Seattle and dedicated myself to the study of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  During the 3.5 years of study and clinicals for Chinese Medicine I also integrated trainings of Craniosacral Therapy in which I completed more than 5 courses including cranial wave assessment, joint unwinding, intraoral work, and a course in pediatric craniosacral. Shortly before graduating Bastyr University in 2010, I met my soon to be teacher, Char Sundust, with whom I began my studies of Shamanic Healing and Oracle work at the Sundust Oracle Institute in Washington State.  These classes, taken over the following 7 years, took me on a personal healing journey, illuminating my gifts of vision, insight, leadership, and discovering a new way to bring healing to not only people, but to homes, businesses, and the Earth herself.  This taught me a way of life, of prayer, and an emphasis on living “The Beauty Way” in accordance to the natural world (a Navajo phrase). The teachings of Char Sundust are rooted in “nature as teacher, how we come to know ourselves”, and influenced by the work of anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, author of The Four Fold Way. Char has a background of a Native American teachings and healing ceremonies of her adoptive Lakota family which strongly influence the way she teaches and mentors. I am forever grateful for her generosity in sharing her wisdom way to encourage others to find their own true medicine and share it at this time of the great turning. 

In 2016 my partner and I had our first baby boy and have since moved to Salt Lake City, UT to be closer to our families of origin in Idaho and Utah. We are so happy to be closer to them!

Currently, I maintain my Acupuncture Licensure in Utah and hold my Diplomat status at the National Board Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine: NCCAOM. I practice acupuncture for adults at a thriving community clinic downtown called SLC Qi.  I treat all kinds of pain conditions, women’s health, depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and digestive complaints. 

In order for me to practice craniosacral therapy and offer intuitive readings I must have more time and privacy with you.  I hold these private sessions at 9th and 9th Healing Arts.  REMOTE SESSIONS NOW AVAILABLE!

I look forward to meeting and working with you!