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Kind Words

“Megan has a gentle, powerful and intentional technique. She’s a brilliant and gifted healer; thoughtful advocate for your health.” – Ylva Mara R.

“Megan is a true healer and I look forward to my appointments with her! I have seen Megan off and on for a couple of years and can not thank her enough for helping me with my shoulder pain and fertility issues. From the minute you walk in the room she makes you feel at home, listens, and treats the whole body using a variety of techniques. I am lucky to have found Megan!” – Stephanie S.

“I love acupuncture with Megan she is extremely caring and loving person. She wants to hear what has gone on for you since your last treatment to help her determine how to make the most out of the present visit.” – Melissa S.

“After chemo for breast cancer, I became disabled with a progressive muscular disorder that causes my muscles to stiffen and spasm, resulting in pain and mobility issues that require a walker or wheelchair to get around. I also suffer from a number of other side effects due to chemotherapy.
Before coming to Megan, I had seen a few different acupuncturists. They were all good, but none of them were able to effectively treat me the way Megan has. I’ve seen numerous neurologists who couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t until I came in to see Megan that I finally found someone who can help me. Megan’s acupuncture treatments loosen my muscles and help me to move so much better than I would otherwise be able to. There have been times when my husband has had to practically carry me in, because I couldn’t even stand erect. In the past when I experienced an issue like this, I would end up confined to bed for a week or more. Megan was able to find a way to stop my muscles from stiffening, and I was able to walk out with only my walker, relieved from both the spasticity and the pain.
Her acupuncture treats my pain much better than any pain pill ever could. I used to have several hot flashes a day, but acupuncture has reduced these significantly. Her treatments have also been very helpful in treating my anxiety.
My husband has remarked on several occasions that he drops me off at Wild Sage Acupuncture looking sickly and when he picks me up, I look healthy and vibrant. That is certainly how I feel after a session with Megan. My muscles feel relaxed, my mind feels calm and peaceful and I feel like I am the best that I can be in this body. I am so thankful to her and recommend her highly.” – Tracie H.

“Working with Megan is an amazing experience, her skill and tender approach to acupuncture make the process extremely healing. If you have never tried acupuncture she is a wonderful first practitioner, she is always extremely patient with any questions I have and over the course of my treatments with her she has fostered an atmosphere where we could build a relationship for healing. The treatment sessions I received with her made a world of difference with a chronic medical problem I was having, and if you are at your wits end with an issue and are ready to try alternative medicine, I would highly recommend you visit Megan.” – Rayla F.

“Megan has been amazing so far. She is careful in her technique, knowledgeable in her analysis, and has a very warm and inviting office. I cannot recommend her enough!” – Stephen K.