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Heart Walk & Soul Mentoring

When you need help, the biggest step is reaching out to ask for help.  Suddenly, or over time, life can swing us into challenges, whether chosen or not (think Pandemic!). We can go through times of confusion that will make it more difficult to hear the little voice inside. We may feel a little lost on the path and need a new perspective. This is precisely what a heart walk or a soul mentoring session can provide. We work together to  journey through the chambers of your heart to discover what messages exist there that want to be seen and heard. To begin, the Heart Walk is a Shamanic Journey I take on your behalf and simply tell you what I see as I wander through the four chambered heart.  The Soul Mentoring Session is a way to unpack what layers you have inside of you that inspire and guide you on your path. If this excites you and brings inspiration please call me to talk more about these sessions. 425.367.3220