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Craniosacral Therapy

With a trained pair of hands and a listening heart, the craniosacral wave can be felt as a rhythm. Light and focused touch facilitates change in the body, mind and spirit. The term “craniosacral” describes the landscape of the body consisting of the multiple bones of the cranium, brain, and reciprocal tension membrane, the spinal vertebrae, sacrum, and the nervous system. The movement, or lack of movement, in this system has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impacts on our lives.  When there are blockages or restrictions in the natural rhythm, sometimes called the “Breath of Life”, the system will alert us with uncomfortable symptoms: pain, tension, anxiety, or mental suffering. A trained craniosacral therapist “listens” to the body with a keen sense of where the stuck places exist in the bones and tissues and gently guides them to a release, returning the system to a freer flow. This generally improves our outlook on life and helps us move through with greater ease.

I love to work with people in this way, for it is slow, gentle and quiet, very much like meditation! – Megan Sewell